Varices are more common in females than in males.  Veins function in oxygenation and transporta..

Lymphedema emerges as an impairment of the lymphatic circulatory system. Lymphedema defined as accum..

Varix is a disease of the veins, which is quite common all around the world. Varix developing as a r..

Buerger’s disease is described as Thromboangiitisobliterans (TAO)in the medical literature. It is a ..

Gangrene is described as tissue death caused by decreased blood flow or certain infections at a cert..


Cardiac health considerable affects the overall health status. Protecting the cardiovascular health ..

Carotid arteries are located on both sides of the neck area. It has a main branch that divides into ..

These are the congenital heart anomalies, which are the structural and functional disorders occurrin..

Varix is a health issue relating to enlargement and twisting of veins due to various reasons. It not..

Varix may go subtle for a long time without causing any pain or other complaints. This is why many p..

Heart is an extremely important organ for an individual to survive. Any health problem observed in t..

Vessels are responsible for carrying the oxygen required by the organs and sending the dirty blood b..