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Lung Surgery

Lung Surgery

The lungs are a pair of organs located in the thorax and surrounded by the ribs and the diaphragm. Lungs are the most important organs in respiration and the inhaled air is conducted into the lungs through the trachea and the bronchi and then to the organs through the veins and the blood circulation. The space between the lungs and the thorax is the pleura.

The lungs are divided into the right and left lobes; the right lung is split into 3 and the left into 2 lobes. Lung diseases mainly develop in these lobes.

Lung surgery is performed to treat lung cancer or lung and pleural infections. While lung surgery is planned with the collaboration of the pulmonary diseases, oncology and radiation oncology specialists; pediatricians are also consulted for the treatment of childhood pulmonary diseases and chest deformities.

I was the surgeon who first introduced the advanced method of Video-assisted ThoracoscopicSurgery for lung resection in 1998 in Turkey.

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