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Recurrent Varix

Varix is a health issue relating to enlargement and twisting of veins due to various reasons. It not only causes cosmetic problems but also may cause complaints of pain, burning and numbness. The disease causes limb ulcers when left untreated. Varices may recur even after treatment in case of failure to take necessary measures, in which case the condition is called recurrent varix.

What is Recurrent Varix

There is almost 30% chance of recurrence following varix treatment. Although recurrence of the disease following surgical or non-surgical treatment modalities does not necessarily mean re-experiencing of the same complaints, recurrence should not be considered as a reason for non-treatment.

Do Varices Reoccur After Treatment?

Yes, recurrence is possible after treatment, which is called recurrent varicose veins. The cause of recurrence is generally incorrect selection or practice of treatment. Expert and experienced doctors should be consulted to avoid recurrence of varices.

What Are The Causes of Recurrence?

There are multiple reasons for recurrence, the most important being mistreatment of varicose veins. Varix treatment is based on the treatment of the varicose vein as well as detection and treatment of factors causing the disease. However, the patient experiences recurrence due to reasons of under treatment or misdiagnosis of the varix. In case of insufficiency in the deep veins, surgical management of superficial varices may be incorrect.

Another reason of the disease is varicose formation in another healthy vein following treatment, which constitutes almost one fourth of recurrent varices.

Surgical procedures on the groin may also lead to occurrence of varices due to formation of new veins.

What To Do To Avoid Recurrence?

Avoiding recurrent varices is closely associated with the experience and knowledge of the doctor as well as availability of technical instruments. A meticulous venous Doppler examination should contribute to prevention of recurrence by providing detection of the varix and applying the most convenient treatment method according to the type of the vein and location and degree of the disease. Nevertheless, post-operative routine Doppler controls should not be delayed.

De novo varix formations may be observed following sclerotherapy to capillaries. To avoid this condition, it is important that the patient wears varix stockings as recommended by the doctor, performs exercises and strictly adheres to the doctor recommendations.

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