Genital varices, which are generally common in women and which cause chronic pain in the pelvic area..

HDL cholesterol, which is also named as good cholesterol, is a protein that leads to severe health p..

In general terms, it is described as the general or partial loss of function resulting from the obst..

LDL cholesterol is also named as the bad cholesterol. After the age 20, everyone must have their LDL..

Varix is a common disease of the veins. Since patients suffering from this condition experience only..

Any blockage in the veins located in the lower extremities would cause a sensation of pain. Pain occ..

Varices may be treated with many different methods. New methods can be applied in the diagnosis and ..

Arteries are the vessels originating from the heart. Arteries, which are carrying the clean blood, h..

Incidence of certain diseases has increased among the advanced age population due to the development..

Heart is directly affecting the overall health of the individuals as the organ supplying oxygen to a..

Veins are the vessels that go to the heart. With the effect of gravity, blood flow is concentrated i..

As a disease of the veins, varices are defined as accumulation of blood in the legs with the effect ..